Thursday, August 31, 2017

Affected by Hurricane Harvey?

There is little doubt Hurricane Harvey will be remembered for years to come. If you have been affected by this event, there is a good chance you are reading this post on your cell phone and/or not in your home. Where you probably keep all of your insurance documents. We're here to help!

If you happen to remember who your auto or home insurance carrier is; see below. We have provided you a link to all of the possible carriers Efinity Insurance may have partnered with.

If you are a client and do not who does not recall your carrier or unable to reach your carrier directly, please contact our Service Team at 888.638.5030 We'll do everything we can to help start the process.

American Risk
(713) 559-0700
American Strategic
(866) 274-8765

ASI Flood
(866) 511-0793
Carrier Comparison

Chubb Group
(800) 777-2131

CNA Insurance
(800) 262-4357

(888) 462-8021
Cypress Flood
(888) 532-3004

(866) 954-1024
(800) 262-9262 x1x1

(888) 500-3344
(800) 237-6136 , Auto (888) 888-0080

(866) 485-3004
(800) 922-4050

(800) 771-8557
Hartford - Commercial
(800) 447-7649

Homeowners of America (866) 407-9896
Imperial Fire & Casualty
(888) 522-8242

Insurance Designers
(214) 696-9756

(877) 542-6254
Kemper Preferred
(866) 675-3345 opt. 2, opt. 3

Kemper Specialty
(800) 456-1919

Liberty Mutual

(800) 503-3724
(800) 255-0332

MetLife Flood
(800) 893-6208
MexiPass Global Assurance
(800) 639-4727

National Flood
(800) 637-3846
National General
(888) 325-1190

National Lloyds
(800) 749-6419
Service (800) 282-1446 IT800 209-3288

Nationwide Commercial
(888) 667-3866
Pacific Specialty (800) 303-5000

Personal Umbrella (800) 564-1799 x9
(877) 776-2436

Protective Life (888) 800-6608
(888) 813-7873

(866) 318-2016
(877) 566-6001 x1x4

Sage Sure / Occidental
(877) 304-4785 x2
Service First

State Auto
(888) 999-8103
(800) 849-6140 x4

Stroud (800) 654-4056
Texas Mutual

Texas Windstorm
(800) 788-8247


Travelers Commercial

United Property & Casualty
(800) 295-8016 , New HO3 (844) 872-7785
Universal North America
(866) 458-4262

USAssure (800) 800-3907
(866) 780-1901 x3

Wright Flood
(800) 820-3242

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The number of homes for sale is a problem; here's what to do about it!

In almost every major city in Texas there is solid demand from home buyers who struggle to find a home (any home) that meets both their housing and affordability requirements. This is especially true for first time home buyers. It’s a situation that requires both patience and creative solutions.

On the other hand, this may be an excellent time for you to explore options that may not be on your short list. Here are a few suggestions;

1.Look at a fixer-upper. That run-down house that’s been sitting on the market for months may be a diamond in the rough for a buyer with the vision to see its potential, especially if you have the time and skills to participate in renovations. Before making an offer, however, encourage your agents to assist in estimating renovation costs and identifying people in the trades to assist them. There are several different loan programs which make financing the improvements easy.

2. Buy a teardown and rebuild. If a thought of a fixer-upper doesn't excite you, perhaps a teardown, or a vacant lot, and building a new home. Fortunately, there are many ways to accomplish this without the expense of hiring an architect or a custom home builder. Learn who is supplying prefabricated and modular homes to your market—options that aren’t only economical and energy-efficient, but also increasingly popular with younger buyers.

3. Consider a duplex. While many don't love the idea of managing a property (much less a neighbor) the financial upside is hard to ignore. Improvements made to the property may be tax deductible and the additional income will never hurt.